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Medical Cannabis  School Mike Ramsey, District Attorney of Butte County, CA., Robert Boyd, Attorney , Sushie Rose, N.D., Phillip Denny M.D speak at Cal State University at Chico 9/22/2001. 2 hours on 2 tapes Mike Ramsey
Parvin Darabi

Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation

Rage against the Veil, a book by Parvin Darabi, is about Human Rights in Iran. Speaking at the Barnes & Noble bookstore, Chico, CA. March 8, 2003
Ayatollah Khomeini's Religious Teachings on Marriage, Divorce and Relationships
I Am a Moslem Woman. They differed with me over what times we are living in. It is not a democracy when a man can talk about politics without anyone threatening him. Democracy is when a woman can talk of her lover without anyone killing her. Dr. Sauad M. Al-Sabah
Rabbi Yitzhak Nates at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Chico, CA. November 10 & 17, 2002
Anthony Dunn Photo Gallery Exhibition of California natural places at Moxie's Internet Cafe and Gallery, Chico, CA. March 7, 2003
Rocky Show Live Theater at the Chico Caberet directed by Phil Ruttenburg, MFT (530) 895-0245
Chico March for Compassionate use

May 5, 2001, Sushie Rose, Lars Logan, Bonnie Metcalf, Yuba County Compassionate Use Club, talk to Medical Marijuana Marchers at CSU Chico free speech area & Chico City Hall.  Bonnie
Ed Rosenthal
Quicktrading Co.
at Moxie's with Mike Rogers, Sushie Rose, M.A., N.D., Sid Lewis on February 2001  Green Aid   Ed Rosenthal found guilty
Eddy Lepp at Moxie's on 420 with Jimmy Ogle, Pravda McCroskey, Roger

Eddy Lepp
Ralph Nader speaks at the Phoenix, AZ Civic Center July 2001,
including hemp and Henry Ford
Mike Ramsey
John Tarrant, Zen master At the Unitarian Church, Chandler, AZ 3/10/2002
Gas Furnace Service RSD Roseville class on servicing Gas Furnaces 10/2002
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