Water purification systems designed by Richard L. Caldwell, Osmonics Inc.

Client Equipment Date
American Garment Finishers Monitor, Auto Select, 3 pt 6/26/95
Amway 2 lb/day Ozone generator 12/20/95
Brewking 2 lb/day Ozone generator with pump on skid
Continental Water Ozone destruct 6/30/95
Delphi Test Chamber Refrigerated 12/20/95
Farallon Aquaculture 3 lb/day Ozone generator 6/23/95
Hansen Mechanical/ Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas 4 lb/day Ozone generator, destruct. 5/1/96
HEP, Inc.,Lincoln Zoo 19 gm/hr Ozone generator, tank, destruct
Ind.Univ.Purdue Univ. Ozone monitor 6/30/95
Ind.Univ.Purdue Univ. 4 lb/day Ozone generator 6/30/95
Ind.Univ.Purdue Univ. 6 lb/day Ozone generator 6/30/95
Ind.Univ.Purdue Univ. Eductor Bypass Assy 7/6/95
King Car Food,Inc. 5 gm/hr Ozone generator, control from dissolved ozone probe
Large rental skid, Clean in place (CIP)

Levi Strauss Ozone destruct
Meshantucket Pequot Tribe Ozone destruct 6/13/95
Metro Beverage Ozone destruct
Mission Valley Textiles, San Antonio, Texas 127 lb/day Ozone generator
MRF Limited, India Ozone test Chamber
MTKA/Chlor-serve Inc. 3 lb/day Ozone generator 7/24/95
NCAR, Boulder, CO 5 gm/hr Ozone generator
Orange County Water 6 lb/day Ozone generator
Penbur Farms 3 lb/day Ozone generator
Pepsi 3 lb/day Ozone generator
Perrier 4 lb/day Ozone generator 6/12/95
Premier Instruments & Controls, Inc. Ozone test Chamber 1/8/96
Recreonics, Louisville Zoo Ozone test Chamber
Reliable Analysis Ozone test Chamber 6/15/95
Schering-Plough Ozone destruct
Underwater World Flowsplitter 8/18/95
Underwater World

Warner-Lambert 38 gm/hr Ozone generator, tank, destruct
filename: ozjob.xls

Last Update: 11/9/98

Name: Richard Caldwell

Email: richard-caldwell@alumni.calpoly.edu

ozone water purification
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