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Performers alphabetical list - DVD or VHS videos $13

  • Anthony Dunn Photo Gallery
  • Bill Arnold with the Road Rockets
  • Blue Paradise
  • Blue Shadow
  • Bonnie Metcalf, Yuba County Compassionate Use Club
  • Bryan Stephens band, Comatoast
  • Chico Caberet
  • Chico March for Compassionate use
  • Chris Keene Seven Dollar Jacket, Chico
  • Claudia de Peru, with Jimmy Wz at Moxie's
  • Comatoast, Bryan Stephens at Moxie's
  • Contra Dance, Chico Women's Club
  • Daniel Martin with Seven Dollar Jacket, Chico
  • Dave Fuller with Seven Dollar Jacket, Chico
  • David Gans sings the Grateful Dead beat
  • Dead Beats
  • Dr Steven Bannister, with Deadbeats
  • Ed Rosenthal at Moxie's Cafe Chico
  • Eddy Lepp
  • Irish Ceili Dance
  • James Lowe with Seven Dollar Jacket, Chico
  • Jazz Lab
  • Jeff Pershing Band
  • Jimmy Ogle
  • Jimmy Wz 
  • John Tarrant, Zen master
  • John S. Mescall, cello
  • Julie Kain, UU Grass Valley
  • Lars Logan, Poet and actor in Rocky 
  • Medical Cannabis School, CSU Chico
  • Midnight Blues Society
  • Mike Ramsey, District Attorney of Butte County, CA
  • Mike Rogers
  • Parvin Darabi
  • Peter Wilson
  • Phil Ruttenburg at the Chico Caberet
  • Phillip Denny M.D
  • Pravda McCroskey talks and dances
  • Rabbi Yitzhak Nates
  • Ralph Nader in Phoenix
  • Riley Plumb of Seven Dollar Jacket, Chico
  • Road Rockets
  • Robert Boyd, Attorney
  • Rocky Show at the Chico Caberet
  • Roger Chambers
  • Sam Lassel Combo Band
  • Second Hand Smoke
  • Seven Dollar Jacket
  • Sushie Rose,N.D.
  • Swamp Zen

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